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How do I help him get up there? mini serving shetland mare

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so it will be her first foal so wanted the stallion to be smaller. she is running with him at the moment 24/7.

In her last cycle he had a few good goes but shes come in season again so I don't think he gets quite far in enough? I don't know how far he needs to go never whitnessed serving before.

the season is getting late so I want to make it happen this cycle or next but think I need to help him out a little.
any advice appreciated

also any tips on supplements to feed the stallion? I'm giveing cod liver oil for the vitamin A to make sure he is fertile also a commercial mineral supp

this will be my first foal so any advice would be great

I am certainly we established in horses. I have a purpose for the foal. The stallion has been a stud all his life for the previous owner and the mare has been a very successful show pony looking to breed her to some pure Shetlands in future.
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What is the hieght difference between the stud and the mare? If he can deffinantally not reach thr you could take them to a step so he has a bit more hieght or you could AI her.
Do you have a hill you could utilize? If you do, you could always hold the mare with her rear facing the incline, which would give the stud a little more height advantage :D
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Hills, as has been said - and a lot of people I know have built platforms for their smaller stallions. I imagine you could dig a fairly shallow trench also, but you would have to make the mare hold still which could take a couple or three people.
Thank you

Thanks all for your suggestions. I do have a bit of a incline will try and utilise that. I like the trench idea too may be able to utilise both.

there is only a hand and a bit maybe two hands height difference between them

will see how I go with it. Thanks all
What had breeding ditchs dug back home so we could back the mare down into a lower level so the stud could reach her.
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