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Would like to gain insight on how my boy is looking. I know this isnt the best picture, but its all I have right now.

Our barn (team) is moving to a new location where my trainer can be the manager and it is just us...not 3 other trainers with all their horses and people. I wanted to hear what you had to say about how he looks after so much time off and being sick, we have been pumping him full of food cause he lost a bit of waight while having pneumonia.

I dont want to stress his body out to much, he just came back into work 2 weeks ago (this friday will be 3 weeks) and on the 1st we move to the new place.

anything I should be looking out foor, should I try and get his waight up a bit more? I know he lost some muscle when we out of work cause he used to not sweat before he got sick when he was clipped and this last week he was a bit sweaty, so we are getting him strong and helathy again/

thanks, sorry for the ramble!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts