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How does he look?

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This is my thoroughbred Harley. He has had barely any jumping experience, except for the odd crossrail, so I have been doing a little bit of free jumping to get him more comfortable before I get on. (when I go to jump him myself I plan to have a trainer with me) Anyway, this is him jumping 65cm, how does he look?

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I don't know much about jumping, but he looks really good from what I'm seeing.

Good idea on the free jumping.
It's good he is actually trying to get over them without looking bad! He seems pretty good for not having been jumped very much!
I think he looks very nice.
Knees up and square.
I think he'll make a great jumper.
Is it a bad thing that he overjumps when free jumping? He seems to definitely make sure he doesn't touch the fence
No, that's a good thing.

What you want as you get further with him to jump more efficiently, folding his front legs more tightly so he doesn't have to use his body as much.

Jumping grids and gymnastics, either free jumping or under saddle, will accomplish that.

The instinct not to what to touch the fence and to give it lots of air is what makes a safe jumper.
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