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How does one make a horse that is inverted / u-shaped/ has upside-down neck?

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Moonshine came to use super inverted, and even with all the bodywork and my daughter trying to ride her correctly, she never really got over that. Even in the pasture she'd travel inverted sometimes. In her case, we believe it was due to being ridden in a western saddle that bridged by a person or people who were too heavy for her, at the sitting trot, a lot.

I unfortunately don't think I'm a good enough to ride Rowan beautifully into true collection, but I do think I'm good enough to avoid making him inverted, at least as long as I know what to avoid.

So how do you ride a horse and make it inverted? Or, more pertinently, how can I ride him so as NOT to make him inverted?

PS I ride Pony all the time and he's fine, but he has a short back and a natural way of going that's not at all collected but not at all inverted either. Rowan has a longer back.
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I would be inclined to think that Moonshine's conformation might be part of her invertedness or her predisposition to express it. It's certainly a possibility. Not saying that it is the complete cause, but perhaps a factor in its creation.

You already take lessons I thought? It's always good to have eyes on the ground when riding to be sure what we think we are doing, we are actually doing. Keeping up with good instruction will help you with Rowan for sure.
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