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How long did it take for you to feel comfortable in the canter?

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I've been cantering for about 1.5 months and I sometimes still feel off balance. For example, I'll ask for canter and feel super stable/balanced and then I'll think about something else [turn left/right, give more pressure, etc.] which will "throw me off" a bit and I will feel off-balance. I'm not near falling off but I can generally feel in my seat that I'm not stable!

I was wondering how long it took practicing canter to feel generally stable in your seat and to give aids without "throwing you off".

I know everyone learns in a different amount of time but was hoping to get some examples from people! :)

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Luckily for me, Eddie has quite smooth, slow canter, so it only took me about 12 lessons to feel comfortable. However, I mainly hack out at my barn, because we have some amazing hacking routes which I love, so I always feel a bit unbalanced when we’re cantering indoors, because he’s more speedy indoors, and I’m not used to corners (no outdoor unfortunately). Usually in the winter months, I start out doing stirrupless work and building it up until I feel balanced, and then trying a canter (with stirrups or without), but immediately slowing down if I don’t feel comfortable. Usually it takes a few lessons before I add in a canter, though. Hope this helps!
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