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How long until a beginner should learn to canter?

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Hi there, I'm an adult beginner. Just wonder for others how long did you wait before learning to canter, or how long do you think people should wait? I've heard mixed things from instructors. I've had one instructor tell me I should work on trotting and control for a year before cantering. And I had another who wanted to have me start cantering after about 3 months of lessons.

I've cantered with that instructor a few times now and honestly it feels terrifying. Is this just something normal I should push through? Or is it a sign I'm not ready yet and should work on other basic skills?
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I believe it has to do with being comfortable. Cantering can be intimidating and frightening and once you learn to ride balanced it can feel like a magical movement between you and horse. It takes time riding your horse to get comfortable. Walking and trotting and just getting out and moving and seeing the world together creates trust and comfort. Then one day it will just feel like time to give it a shot and it won't feel nearly as intimidating and uncomfortable as it does now. Then you can learn your balance and comfort at the canter and the magic can happen.

I wouldn't be discouraged, because once you master one thing there is always something else to work on. I heard somewhere that a good horse person goes out each ride trying to improve. I take that to heart and always try to improve every ride. Relax and have fun and enjoy the journey.
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