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How long until a beginner should learn to canter?

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Hi there, I'm an adult beginner. Just wonder for others how long did you wait before learning to canter, or how long do you think people should wait? I've heard mixed things from instructors. I've had one instructor tell me I should work on trotting and control for a year before cantering. And I had another who wanted to have me start cantering after about 3 months of lessons.

I've cantered with that instructor a few times now and honestly it feels terrifying. Is this just something normal I should push through? Or is it a sign I'm not ready yet and should work on other basic skills?
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I'm an adult beginner. I've been riding since February 2022 and did not start cantering until about 1 - 1.5 months ago.

My instructor wanted me to be VERY balanced in sitting/posting trot before moving forward as cantering can be scary, as mentioned by other posters.

I'm thankful that my instructor waited for some time until I was ready. I'm way more balanced during the canter and it doesn't seem as difficult to get the hang of (rather than if I started earlier - I think!).

All instructors and riders are totally different, though, in how they teach/learn.
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