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My black horse is very silly and handsome. He is hard to train most of the time.
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I have a little story about this first cantering subject, hope it isn't too long lol 😅
The first horse that I got, the old one, I would ride him in the corral for the first 2 weeks after we got him because
I had never ridden a horse except for a minute or two on a friend's horse or someone giving away free small rides at a rodeo. So poor Comet was walked and trotted to death ( I was very excited about my own horse!!!) inside a 30 ft corral for 2 weeks. The first time I rode him in the tiny pasture outside of the corral I was scared because he wanted to get away from that corral!! He was so sick of riding in the corral.
Anyway need to get back to subject 😅;)
So for the first 3 weeks I was riding him a little and when I finally went out on a longer ride I was considering cantering but too scared to ask him to. But going up a little slope trotting fast he decided to canter like 5 strides. I was scared and greatly thrilled at the same time! Let me tell ya'll, that canter was heavenly! Then I waited to get back to the house and tremblingly asked him to canter and he did a few strides. Poor Comet I never let him trot again lol!! I was so infatuated with cantering that he got a lot of exercise. Y'know what I mean of course I let him trot but I was cantering him all the time. He was sooo great and never got hiper or anything just going with the flow. But he wasn't able to gallop since he was quite old probably 23 ish according to his teeth. When I got the " love of my life" my black horse I love him so much!! He was quite fast so I rode him a lot more. Castillo is my black horse.
It took me 1 1/2 years to get comfortable enough to gallop full speed down a gently sloping hill about 70 meters long.
Anyway sorry for the long story cantering is amazing in my opinion and so is galloping if your horse isn't too crazy.
Here he is the sweet old horse that taught me to ride!! :)

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Comet is the chestnut with blaze, Nevada the gray roan my 2 year old and the dun in the back is Trueno a " wild " horse I hope to sell him soon.
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