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How many blankets does your horse have.

1200 Denier blanket-burgandy
650 Denier blanket- black and pink
purple sheet
maroon sheet
green turnout sheet that is wayyy to big for her
black and maroon stable blanket

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I don't know the deniers...

Medium weight Rhino Wug - Green checkered
Medium weight Polar Shield - Green/Black
Medium weight Rider's International - Green/Navy
Medium weight Saxon - Green/Black
Weatherbeeta Sheet - Green/Burgundy
Rider's International Sheet - Green/Navy
Plaid Stable Sheet - Hunter/Navy/White
Irish Knit - Navy/Burgundy
Fleece Cooler - Green
Fleece/Mesh Cooler - Green/Navy
Fleece/Terry cloth heavy cooler - Green

Can you tell he's hard on turnout blankets? And I've been collecting blankets for him for the past 5 years....

Daisy -
Medium weight McAllister blanket - Grayish-Purple
McAllister sheet - Navy/Gray
Plaid Stable Sheet - Orange/Green/White

Cavalina -
Medium weight blanket - Blue/Light Blue Plaid
Sheet - Pink/Purple
Fleece Sheet - Pink w/Black Flowers
Non-waterproof Sheet - Hot Pink/Black

They have waredrobes....

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Wow, that is a lot of blankets... :shock: Lucky!

In South Georgia, it doesn't get cold enough to have to blanket our horses, therefore, no blankets for me. :( I do like the winter fuzzy furs though. :D

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It doesn't get very cold here either. I'm happy that we don't have to deal with blankets (or the cost of them). ;)

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600 Denier Euro Hunter standard Doona (purple and yellow)
300 Denier Saxton combo Doona (dark blue)
Meduim WeetherBeeter combo Doona (pink grey and green)
Light Saxon Combo rug (light blue/grey)
Sky Park Stable rug standard (blue and Green)
Weetherbeeter Fly mesh summer combo
Weetherbeeter Pink summer combo
Sky Park standard summer
Kool Coat Summer combo
Zilco summer standard
Sky park Canvas
Combat Canvas

my horse has a rug for EVERY OCCASION

that explains her great coat :D

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I have

2 medium weight Saxon blankets for them to wear when it gets under 25F

1 pessoa cooler (use it after workouts in fall)

1 cotton sheet (just got it) to put on Kiara after I wash her to keep her clean

1 waterproof sheet, so I could bring Jemma out to load in trailer in summer and not get wet.

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Saxon waterproof 1200 denier
closed front blanket
i think the third is homemade lolz
knit cooler

crappy non waterproof blanket (wool)
show sheet

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Too many, I wish I had as nice clothing as my horse does :cry:

medium weathebeeta stable blanket
medium weatherbeeta turnout
heavy fleece weatherbeeta cooler
reg cooler
saxon sheet
light weatherbeeta turnout I rarely use
dress sheet
hmm think thats it

Nothing, shes a fuzzy pasture ornament

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heavyweight schneider's turnout
heavyweight rambo wug (just sold cause too tight on his massive shoulders)
mediumweight rhino turnout
weatherbeeta turnout sheet (hate this one and so need a new sheet!)
pessoa cooler
thermatex sheet
dover brand sheet for shipping

heavyweight rambo turnout
mediumweight rhino wug turnout
rambo turnout sheet
another fleece lined turnout sheet that I don't know what brand
irish knit cooler
amigo cooler from a jumper derby championship
blue sheet for shipping

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I have one horse, Cezar. I cannot remember all the brand names. He has:
1 heavy HIB that doesn't fit, I need to get it tailored or something (this brand stopped making blankets so I bought it on impulse because they make absolutely wonderful ones)
1 heavy Turtleneck blanket (blanket brand that fits uphill horses well, looks like this: )
2 Turtleneck sheets, one blue and one black
2 coolers
1 Turtleneck lightweight mesh sheet
1 lightweight mesh sheet
1 half sheet to be used for riding/lunging in cold weather, if that counts.

I don't put anything on unless the temperature is below 48f, as he spent his last winter in a box stall with heated barn/arena/turn-out so his coat was quite short. Next year the blanket temperature will be lower, although I still have to blanket to keep his coat short enough that he can work during the winter and not need a clip. I also have a few blankets from my first horse at home.
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