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How many?

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I have been told that I own WAY to many saddles for my horse, But I want to know how many saddles people own.
I own
2 western
1 english
(I share my western trainer for my other horse aswell!)

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I am in the same boat as you Kevin.

Between my Dad and I, we have 5 horses that are ridden and several more that aren't.

We have a total of, I think, 8 western saddles (7 roping and 1 show). Did have 9 until we gave my old kid saddle to my niece. We need to do some culling though, there is 1 with a broken tree and like 2 more that need a trip to the saddler for some fixin'. LOL. The rest of them will stay until they are no longer fixable. 6 of them are handmade billy cooks that are older than I am.
Delfina, you may not have to get a whole new saddle. If you like the one that you have got, you might be able to just find some shorter leathers that will fit you, or you might be able to punch enough holes up farther on the stirrup leather to allow you to make it shorter. I had to punch 2 more holes in my old saddle so that the stirrups would fit.
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