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Around here (Serbia) we overall don’t have many horses 10.000 in a country of 7 million - people are generally not well off enough to keep horses. There is a small population of around 80 to 100 feral horses on one specific mountain but no one breeds from them.

There is a clear distinction between urban and rural horse keeping.

Urban population keeps horses recreationally and very rarely breeds even if they keep their horse in a rural environment. A private owner will maaaybe get one foal out of their mare but even that isn’t very common.

Rural population keeps Lipizzaners and a specific type of “farm mutt”, usually a paint. They keep their mares in foal all the time. They don’t care about conformation, track record, temperament or anything really. We have a glut of really ugly Lipizzaners.

The third group would be racing enthusiasts who keep a few TB or trotter mares but nothing large scale. They also keep their mares pregnant most of the time but they also get lightly ridden - from what I’ve seen it seems better for them to be kept in shape. They do pay attention to breeding lines and performance as much as possible (which isn’t a whole lot with so few horses in the country).

People who want a decent sports horse for jumping import trained and proven horses from abroad. We don’t have any warmblood breeders locally. A few foals from private owners but not very often and they usually keep them for themselves.

Roma people used to breed quite a lot but they scaled down significantly as well.
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