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Banjo. He was a most willing boy, and he just loved to go out for "walkies". Easy, flat, short stuff, obviously, but he liked to trot, and would offer a canter sometimes. And sometimes I would let him, but never for more than a few strides.
And we did get out regularly, right up 'til the end. Which came abruptly, most likely as a result of over-enthusiastic rolling exercises; he also loved to roll; preferrably in a nice aromatic poop-pile :) Banjo loved life.
Banj was just shy of 36yo when the colic got him, alas. I still miss his sunny personality.
Here is an over-the-ears foto from just a week or so before I had to have him put down, and another of him enjoying a comfortable spot in the sun on a sub-zero morning:
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Curious Willow, just ask your Equine friend. He will let you know if he is in the mood, and he will tell you when he has had enough.
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