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How to change signature at bottom of posts.

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I would like to change the website that appears at the bottom of my posts, but can’t find how.
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Hmm. I’m using my phone. I’ve got no left menu in my account settings.
Top right corner, click your picture, select Account Settings toward bottom of list.

Click “your account” button at top

select “signature” from list under settings

pulls up a box to edit

***Just realized this is the same as Kalraii said, I’m also on my phone (iPhone) and those were the steps that worked for me too. Hmmm…

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😌C.C. I guess I am pretty dumb, I read your heading and my first thought was why sign the bottom of the post? that's the part that goes in the ground and no one will see it anyway
You should always sign the bottom of your posts. That way future archeologists will know who built the fence.
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