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How would you rate the conformation of this horse?

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Hi everyone, just wondering what you guys think about the conformation of this horse. Any good? Why? Why not? Thanks 馃槉


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Your pics are nice snapshots. But if you want a serious critique, you need pics that show your horse standing square. Is that possible?
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If you are able to upload better pictures, it might also be useful to include the approximate age of the horse.
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Very attractive horse but, has many ambiguous things shown. I the 3rd picture he looks like a young horse but, in other pictures the long tail and main looks as a mature horse. If you can square up the horse and give us more information it would help. Still he is very nice looking .
The horse is coming 3 per the post wondering about what color she would be considered.
Squaring her up would help, but ot me she is under muscled and under weight some.
I have some reservations about her build, but with pictures also being what they are commenting is not fair to the animal.

Please, pictures done as conformation ones with the horse stood up square, both sides, mud knot that tail so leg and hind-end are seen clearly and if possible band that mane together for the pictures so neck structure is seen....and a front view of head, chest and legs is needed.

Here is a old link to this topic...

Some other resources that give commentary and pictures for seeing what is seen and why..
With this link, remember we want to see both sides, front and rear...the tips follow for all pictures taken and submitted.
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