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I would like to say hello to everyone~ from sunny Phoenix, Az.

I have been looking for forums like this one to get to know more horse people, as I am no longer 'in the buisness' so to speak, and no one I work with currently is horse savvy :).

Briefly - I have worked for 2 different trainers in two very different areas of the horse industry. One was a pleasure quarter horse barn (WP, HUS, Youth, Showmanship, Trail, etc.). I spent well over a year with them, and while I loved the horses and the job - I became quickly disenchanted with the training itself, the people involved, and the sheer politics of showing AQHA. I was the trainers assistant with them, and spent more hours than I can count doing the groundwork on the horses for the bosses. I got to really appreciate what a solid groundwork foundation can do for a horse's future :D. Then things blew up big time between the bosses, myself, and the other assistant... I was accused of somethings that were actually the BOSSES fault, and was chewed up one side and down the other by his wife for what HE did, and he stood there and did/said nothing to defend me or admit guilt. Then they decided to try to pit myself and the other assistant against each other, and I decided to leave. My sanity was not worth the stress.

The other place I have worked for, I actually worked for in two separate times of my life...once as a teenager, and then more recently as the last 2 years. She bred and owned Paso Fino Horses, and it was while working for her that I came into horse ownership for the first time as an adult of a quarter horse mare. She was my heart and my soul until I made the decision to leave my employment with the ranch. The ranch owner / former owner of the mare decided that she was keeping the mare and basically illegally voided out the sales contract. So I lost my mare and my job all at the same time. She's still there, and I can't afford the huge legal bill suing would incur.

At any rate, my life is back to being horseless again, so I took to reading Craigslist ads for entertainment.

Reading the ads just frustrated me, angered be, and bewildered me. After a few months of thinking I need to vent about these ads... I started doing just that. :).

I look forward to meeting everyone, or mostly everyone here. :)
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