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Hows his conformation?

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I posted pics of a stud i just bought last week... It was interesting to hear what people think of another horses conformation. Usually they pick out a lot of flaws and weaknesses... So i have another boy and I'd like to hear your opinions on him! I've had him all his 9 years of life... He's a great grand son of Smart Little Lena and a tremendous cow horse. Would you guys breed something like him on your mares? How does he look to you?

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16 hands and 1500 pds. Are you sure you've got the right horse in the pics?
He does not have the appearance of a horse that large. If I was to guess, I'd say he's about 14 hands, and 900 pds.
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I'm not going to critique your horse because your photographs aren't doing him any justice - it isn't fair to you and it isn't fair to the horse.
The shots make him look out of proportion because of the angles they're taken from.

Never have a saddle on a horse that you want a critique on - the saddle can hide back problems that could have a huge impact on what members are judging the horse as.

Clean him up and have him standing square to the camera and focus your shot so he looks correctly proportioned
Shots of him from the rear and the front are also helpful.

He sounds like a super useful horse so that's worth a lot.

Aim at getting a side shot that looks like this
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Nice looking roan.
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