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So Phantom and I are going on a 1 week long apprenticeship in 2 weeks. I have a checklist made up for stuff I feel I need to bring for him. What do you think? Should I add anything?

- Coggins
- Health certificate
- Copy of proof of vaccinations
- Measure out enough feed for 12 feedings and put in feed bag(they are plastic).
- 2 buckets (one for water one for feed )
- Trailer ties to tie buckets up in stall
- Hay net
- Tack (saddle, saddle pad, boots, bridle, etc)
- Grooming supplies (hard brush, soft brush, hoof pick, showsheen, etc)
- Horse first aid kit (already made up and updated)
- Fly spray, fly mask
- pitchfork
- Lunge line (required by trainer)
- Dressage whip (required by trainer)
- Shipping boots
- A weeks worth of hay (About 5 bales)
- 2 Halters
- 2 Lead ropes
- Treats
- Shavings ( 3 bags) for Phantom's stall
- Phantom's himalayian salt block

So do you think I am missing anything? Anything else I should bring with. Our apprenticeship is in PA near Bloomsburg. (Anyone in the area want to come say hi haha):lol:
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