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Hylke in Orange. :D *Friesian Pictures*

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How does he look 'eh?

If we are able to get into the Hoosier Horse Fair this is what he'll wear for the breed demo.

MAYBE orange flowers in his mane. MAYBE orange flowers around his neck or maybe nothing but what you see. I'll be all in black with an orange vest.

AS A SIDE NOTE. I have never EVER wrapped polos before. They are just for decoration. I have NO idea how to wrap polos, so no critiques on the terrible job. These wraps were just for the photos. If he is ridden by me in the Horse Fair, a real horse person who knows what she is doing will wrap his legs for the five minute demo. :)

You can see how long his mane is getting.

Bored pony is bored.



That's all folks!
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He looks awesome! I love that saddle pad!! :D
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