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I finally grew a pair and did it!

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So I managed to get the current phone number of Deja's breeder a month or two ago, but I am a huge chicken so I didn't call untill today. I got an answering machine, which kind of made me feel better because I am a huge fat chicken, as I previously stated.:lol: I left a message and resigned myself to never hearing from her or finding out that it was the wrong number or something, but ten minutes later I got a phone call!! Woot! So I talked to her for and hour and a half. She told me all sorts of stories. She has moved around a few times since then and has her photos who-knows-where, but I think she's going to look for them. She no longer has horses, so I can't go to meet Deja's sire and dam( :cry: ) but I learned alot about them all. Apperantly Deja's (previously named Rio) favorite treat is Pepsi!:lol: I previously assumed that Deja had only three babies since I had seen two and there was only one breeding certificate for the other, but apperantly she has actually had 6!!:shock: May '03 She had a gray pinto filly( apparantly it was gray in front, white in the middle, and gray in the rear with white socks! Kind of like those cows...CUTE!) '04 she had a chestnut pinto, '05 she had a bay pinto colt, and in '07 she had a gray pinto filly. I also learned that her dam was black as well. I really hope to keep in contact with her breeder, she seems like a very nice lady. I sent her a ton of photos of both Deja and Mana. I can't wait to see if I get any pics back. I would absolutly LOVE a baby pic of Deja!! Sorry for the novel, I'm really excited!!! YAY!!
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That's wonderful news! I hope she sends you bunches of pictures of the sire and dam.
That's so great! as nerve wracking as it might have been for you she probably LOVED the fact that you were calling! Breeders love to know where their babies have gone, what they're doing, and if they're in good homes. I contacted the person who bred one of my ponies I had a few years ago. She came and met me at a horse show and watched us compete. And she brought all of his baby pictures! he was SO cute! Glad you had such a great convo!
Thanks! I can't wait to hear from her again. The stories she told me were awsome, and I could tell she really loved her horses. I hope that I could get some pics of Deja's sire and dam and maybe a baby pic or two, but I am satisfied with having these great stories.
That's so awesome!

I got my QH's breeder's address and sent her a letter and some pictures to let her know how he was doing and to find out some background on him (and asking for a foal pic!) but never heard back :(

Let us know if you talk to her again!! And post any pictures she sends :)
Hehehe! Of course I will post pics if I get any. That's too bad about your attempt. Maybe they moved? I was so nervous about doing this and getting a response like "don't bother me" or something. I almost gave myself a heart attack. :p :)
Woohoo! Well done, it is nice to finally have a pair isn't it? :p
I did that too, and I almost had a heart attack!nahaha, and his sis is for sale(brown and white apha) for $3000. She is a real beauty! And his dam had died, but his sire is alive and well and is in his 20's! :)
Oh your so lucky!~ I would of loved to find Gypsy's breeder and know more about her history and breeding since it was rumored that she was from the line of seattle slew...Do share if you get baby pics of Deja!
I honestly have only met one breeder who didn't care to know about horse's he'd bred. I had a 3 year old he'd bred, (I got the horse from his 3rd owner.) When I went out to the barn my trainer was at, to let her know that I had to put the horse down, she said that his breeder had brought another 2 horses out to the ranch, and got me in contact with the guy. I thought that the guy would like to be able to say goodbye, would have liked to know what happened to the horse, but he refused to believe that the horse was sick enough to have to be put down, and when he came out to see the horse (I had the horse at my house), he spent the entire time disputing the fact that the horse, who was a walking skeleton at that point, was actually sick, then tried to talk me into buying that horse's half brother. I personally know that any horses I may breed in the future, I'd love to hear from their owners, how they are doing, what they are doing ect. I'm glad that you decided to go out on a limb and contact the breeder. I'm sure that she's excited to know how the horse is doing, and that she is well loved.
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Very cool! I found Buzz's breeder, apparently she's pretty high up there in the eventing world (according to the USEF anyway) and am dying to write her and ask her about why she bred a QH mare to a KWPN stallion for one lol and to show her how great he is now.
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