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I found Galina's racing registration =D

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Hey everybody

Guess what?!

I found Galina's registration page on the Harness Racing Australia website. I'm very exited :D It's just cool. :D:D:D

I was very impressed with her sire - Fake Left USA. He's sired 1,450 live foals. :shock:

I'm not really looking for any feedback or anything in particular. I just wanted to share cos I'm exited. It's just cool that my baby girl used to be a little racer (not that she was very spectacular. Only started 3 races and never placed :-|)but she's on the internet and everything. :) Lol I'm so lame.

Here's her link if anyone's interested. It's really not very exiting though. Lol

Horse Profile

And her mummy: Horse Profile

And her daddy: Horse Profile

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You ARE NOT LAME!! haha I do the very same thing. I loved putting my horses bloodlines on that pedigree query thing. Its just nice to find out more about your horses background information, ya know? I love looking up my one Curly's bloodlines. He is completly registered, unlike my mare who isnt. Congrats on all the information that you found! :lol:
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