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This is a response to both this thread and the other that you posted.

As long as your horses get to live outside and be horses, have equine friendships, receive good food, shelter from the elements, and their regular maintenance (farrier, vet, etc.) isn't neglected, they absolutely won't care whether they're ridden or not. It's crazy how many people think they need to sell their horse thinking it'll be unhappy if they don't ride it. If it's locked up in a stall all day? Maybe. Yes, some horses are truly adventurous spirits- but they are few and far in between. Most horses are totally content to just eat grass with their friends, get brushed, petted, and that's it. There's a great group on FB for unridden horses that I enjoyed when I was still on social media.

I think a lot of this thinking comes from the western culture obsession with DOING and WORKING ourselves to death- ignoring the BEING part of life. Interestingly, horses are amazing teachers of being truly present, in your body, and living in the moment. People who don't see the inherent divinity of horses outside of riding will never truly understand horsemanship IMO. Horses are also expensive, and most people are taught that they have to justify their expenses with some sort of tangible, "proof" that it's "worth it". Nobody can place a value on ones friendships- lots of us have had that "once in a lifetime dog" who we wouldn't have sold for a million bucks. Reptile, bird, and exotic animal owners get a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment just by providing their animals a beautiful, safe, close to nature life. Just watching their animals exist happily in an enriching and suitable environment is comforting. Why should horses be so different?

With that said, I do think that if you have high expectations of a horse under saddle (especially on a time limit), the commitment, consistency, and work required to get there and maintain it is likely going to be uncomfortable at times. "Blood, sweat, and tears" is not for everybody, and it's okay to need a break or stop living that type of lifestyle completely. It doesn't make you any "less than"- don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Choosing ease and flow over the grind doesn't make you a loser, but you may need to alter your expectations to be more realistic.

Take the time to decide what you really want. This decision may not come overnight. Focus on the way you want things to feel more than the mechanics of how that might look. I don't know if there is a private messaging system on here, but I'd be happy to lend an ear if you ever need to vent.
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