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What Should I Do?

  • confront my trainer

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  • continue with what I'm currently doing

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ok I appreciate the honesty thank you, and I would love to have my own horse I buy with my money but horses are very expensive
Then, I'm sorry to say, you can't own a horse. Buying a horse is not the expensive part, the expensive part is paying every month for the maintenance, and affording the extra bills, specially in these following years when prices for everything are going up, expect a significant raise in cost for everything at least for the next year, probably the following year too.

If you can't afford to double monthly expenses of maintaining a horse right now (at least double, it might come to more), I wouldn't buy a horse.

Others have already told you, verbal contracts are worth nothing. You have paid extra, you have been given expectations but nothing written, if you can afford it in the new place, try to get something written before leaving to take the horse with you, but expect to get nothing, a hard life lesson, sorry .

If you cannot afford owning a horse, just move on, see all the extra expenses you have incurred in as paying for a part-lease or full-lease (keep in mind that in those situations paying vet bills usually come with the agreement, specially in a full-lease contract) and look for a part-lease or full-lease in the new place, but this time knowing you can't get fully attached to the horse and you can't consider it yours. Look at it from this point of view: riding different horses improves your horsemanship, and you get to appreciate the good qualities of more than one horse, and learn to deal with the drawbacks of more than one.

Sorry, but that's life, that's not what you want to hear, but it is the reality of what you are dealing with.
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