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I need some Australian advice

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My husband wants a good Australian stock whip. What should he look for and expect to pay? What are the good materials, braid etc.
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What does he want to do with it? Crack on horseback, tricks, etc?

They range in proce from under $100 to upwards of $400.

The best quality whips will be kangaroo hide. Here is a blurb off a whip makers site:

Australia's whips are truly the best in the world. This is not necessarily due to the fact that we have some of the best whip makers in the world, but also because we have some of the best leather for whips in the world. Kangaroo hide is ideal for whips. It is light weight and has superior strength. For its weight it is the strongest of the leathers. This is why kangaroo hide is the best choice for the multi plait whips.
The kangaroo hide stockwhips are all hand crafted to fit you and your needs; custom built to suit your hand size and the type of work you specify.
A whip is like a chain, the more links a chain has the more fluid it will move, therefore the more strands that a whip has the more fluid it will move. More time is taken when plaiting with multi strands, therefore they are the more expensive whip.
Kangaroo Hide loaded and balanced stockwhips are the top quality whips, kangaroo hide being the best leather and loaded and balanced referring to the weight in the belly and the appropriate weighted handle. In Australian Whip Cracking Competitions, run by the Australian Whip Crackers and Plaiters Association, only stockwhips are allowed. This is due to it being a traditional icon of Australia.
A shorter whip is easier to crack on horse back - A longer one gives you more precision but takes more skill. A shorter whip is easier to learn on - Again longer whips give more scope for tricks and precision but are harder to master.

I have a cheap, redhide whip (about 6 foot I think) for ASH shows - It doesn't matter if my horse steps on it or it gets dirty etc.

I'm saving up for a pair of 12 plait kangaroo hide whips for tricks.

James Saddlery sell some decent whips and i'm pretty sure they export to the US:

James Saddlery- Whips

Let me know if you have any more questions :]
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I plan to get my pair of whips from here once I can afford it. They also export whips to the US and are in my city.
A cheaper whip would do him fine then - A redhide whip and probably around 5/6 foot? Is he fairly tall?

Most whipmakers are happy to have a chat and help you out with which whip would suit your needs, a lot more knowledgable than me too!
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