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Deal Makers:
Conformation as perfect as it is going to get in a horse
Nice pony who likes people, I cant stand a pony that doesnt like cuddles.
Gives kisses
14hh - 15.2hh
Got that Xfactor!
Would prefer something that is either highly schooled or not schooled at all!

Deal breakers
15.3hh +
Mediocre or incorrect schooling, I cant be faffed putting it right!
Pony that doesnt like kisses.
Poor conformation, in perticular anything back or over at the knee.
Anything inclined to rear. I can put up with bucking but not rearing.
Thick as too short planks
Too much hair and not being allowed to take the clippers to a horse (so coloured traditionals, highlands, fells, dales etc where you cant touch the hair for showing)
A horse that is a pain with the clippers (my horses spend thier lives with the clippers round thier heads every couple of weeks)
A horse that Grinds its teeth - i cant stand it and it normaly means either a stressy horse or a horse who is in pain.
Poor doers - I don't like feeding them up to the eyeballs to keep weight on them
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
Not open for further replies.