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If you could.... what would be a deal making/breaker?

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so if you had as much land as you could want, brilliant facilites, money no problem and all the time in the world. what would be your deal makers and what would big a NO NO for you in a horse?
mine would be
deal makers
~good conformation
~knowing me probably chestnut/ginger
~willing to bond
~fiery/ hot headed
~needing work ie schooling, producing etc
~clean legs
deal breakers
~poor conformation
~polished ridden wise
~ill health ie heart problems
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My only real problem would be the previous owner. I don't mind working to rehabilitate an animal.

For example, I inquired about a local mare -- no pictures. When I asked the owner via text messages where the horse is so we can arrange for me to go see her, and maybe test-ride her, they fell off the face of the earth. That tipped me off that something severe was wrong with this horse and they were looking for a "blind sale." They didn't offer pictures at all, let alone they never told me her price. So if the owner acts that shady, of course I'm going to shy away from the horse. I've experienced very few horse owners who were honest in their sales; this was the worst.

I suppose that if a horse has chronic health issues I wouldn't worry; money isn't an issue. Remember? :)

As far as "grumpy" horses go, my Creampuff is a constant sourpuss. But each horse has something to bring to the table; it's just up to us to accept their "lesson."
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