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If you could.... what would be a deal making/breaker?

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so if you had as much land as you could want, brilliant facilites, money no problem and all the time in the world. what would be your deal makers and what would big a NO NO for you in a horse?
mine would be
deal makers
~good conformation
~knowing me probably chestnut/ginger
~willing to bond
~fiery/ hot headed
~needing work ie schooling, producing etc
~clean legs
deal breakers
~poor conformation
~polished ridden wise
~ill health ie heart problems
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Between 15-16 hh
Nice conformation
Friendly disposition
Nice thick mane and tail
Likes me (haha)


General bad behaviour (kicks, cribs, etc)
Inability to learn
Skinny bum
Small beady eyes
Is rarely liable to move
Dislikes people and other animals

I guess I'm not too picky.
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