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We are re-furbing our float. This involves buying box section to replace some of the frame.

Start story - last Wednesday 25th.

Okay, I need 35 x 35 galvanised box. The place we usually go to don't have it and can't get it in for a week . No problem, I try a few more places as I really want it for the weekend so my husband can do it before he goes away for a couple of weeks.

Thursday (26th) find a place that says yes they have it but to get it cut they can't do it till next Tuesday (1st). Now this place operates on Saturday and they can't do 2 cuts for 4 days!! Anyway, I agree - hubby gaily goes off on his 2 week holiday.

I have to work Tuesday so I don't get there. I ring them yesterday (2nd) to see if it's ready to pick up today (3rd). No, it's not!! They had a bit of a hold up. I rabbit on about it being promised Tuesday etc etc. Sorry, it'll definately be ready Thurs (3rd)

I turn up there today to get it and the bloke tells me it's not ready. It's still sitting on a truck because they haven't had time to unload it. So I guess that means that someone more important than me turned up and wanted what they had and since I had already paid them over the phone they knew they had me any which way.

Anyway, I tell the bloke that I know it's not his fault but .... and finish with I have made a special trip into town for this and I have to leave at 2pm to get to work.

He takes my phone number and rings me up at 1.30 to come and get my steel at 2pm. I rock up at 1.55, stand around till 2.10 whilst the office girl tries to find the paperwork. Then I sit in the car, in the sun (I can't get out because I don't have safety gear) for another 20 minutes whilst they cut the damned thing!!

It sucks to live in a town where if you are not a mine - nobody give a *** about you.

Part B:

I have another piece of steel which needs bending for the front. I ring the local engineering works (we live 60km away from town where we buy the steel). Can they bend said bar? Yep, no problem.
Righto. I bring the bar home, put the old one in the car as a template. Ring them that I am on my way and speak to someone else. Oh no!! They can't bend that - it's too big.
So, now I have to trip the 60km back into town tomorrow and drop it off 1 street from where I picked it up today to get it bent.

AArrrggghhh. I really hate living here sometimes.

Okay, whinge over. Had no-one here to complain to so you lot copped it - sorry.
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