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So my back went out yesterday - right after morning chores (at least everyone got fed and fresh water before I was bed ridden :?).

My nine year old (and my super wonderful husband) has been helping out with feeding and watering our horse Ezra. He can be a little pushy and I've talked with her about making sure he stays out of her personal space, and pushing him back if he gets too close.

We've had him for less than two weeks, and he is the first horse she has spent much time around, so this is all new to her.

This morning she fed him his breakfast (some senior feed and black oil sunflower seeds) a little late, since I still can't walk very far. My husband had given him hay earlier, so he wasn't starving, but he looooves his senior feed. He was being pushy, and she told me how it only took her two tries to push him off, and then he went back to munching hay to wait for her to get him his breakfast :D.

Nine year old girl: 1

17hh thoroughbred: 0
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