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in hand triangle ?

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i am planning to show my mare in hand, but i have never showed in hand before. how do i do the triangle ? do you walk one & trot another ?

i know im going to need a lot of practice because he walk/trot & trot/walk transitions are not very good in hand !

thanks =]
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Not sure what your showing in, but i presume it would be the same as im used to.
The judge will tell the first person what to do, and you just watch that. If you have any questions ask when its your turn, just before you do your workout.
Usually you will be asked to walk out, trot across the back, halt and stand her up square, then trot back.
You could be asked to halt in front of the judge or trot passed. Sometimes you are asked to walk out, halt, then trot the rest also.

If your asked to do the second of the above, make the second corner (i hope this is making sense) like a semi circle, its heaps easier to turn and looks alot better than fighting with the horse and trying not to trip over at the same time :lol:
To add on to the above poster, there should be a diagram of the "course" that you can look at before you take your turn. I would also watch as many people as you can before you go, so you can see what you'd like to do and what you want to avoid. Good luck!!
thanks guys !! =]
I think I remember you asking about FEH/YEH. For future you walk in and stand your horse up at the tip of the triangle for the judge. Then you walk the small triangle and then trot the large triangle, the whole thing, not just the back side. After that you stand the horse up again for one more look. Done :)

I always put my left hand up and swing wide when I'm making the 2 trotting turns before and after the back side.
oh ok thanks for the info, yeah i was wondering for the YEH, everyone when i went to watch [but missed it bc they made it earlier last minute] said to do the triangle & acted like i should know what it was & wouldnt tell me how to do it ! very frustrating....

how big are the triangles about ?
Awesome! Well here it is straight from the USEA site :)

Method of Presentation
  • The competition arena will be set up with a 30 meter equilateral triangle. A 15 meter triangle will also be marked within the larger triangle.The presentation for conformation will be at the apex of the triangle where the judge will be waiting.​
  • Handlers will enter the competition arena at the walk. Horses will be halted at the presentation area and prepared for inspection by the judge who may give additional instructions. The judge will walk around the horse to inspect it from the near side, the off side, the front and rear.​
  • Handlers will then be asked to walk the horse up the left hand side of the triangle to the 15 meter mark, across the top of the 15 meter triangle and back down the right hand side to the presentation point.​
  • Handlers will then trot the horse back up the left hand side of the triangle to the top (30 meter mark) across the top of the triangle and back down the right hand side to the presentation point. The judge may ask for any of these movements to be repeated.​
  • Back at the presentation point, handlers will stand the horse up for a final review and any further instructions from the judge.​
  • Horses must always be shown to the right of the handler and must always be turned away to the right so as to avoid a youngster stepping on or pushing the handler off balance.​
thanks !! :oops: im so bad at finding this sort of thing online, its ridiculous !!
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