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In need of college advice

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Hello All! I have been giving my future some serious thought; and I need some opinions. I am graduating high school in less than a year, and I am going to attend Meredith Manor in WV. It is substantially different from a traditional college as it is certification based. I have always known from a young age that my life's work would involve horses in some form or another. The current problem I face is what to do with my life?
Unfortunately, I am fully aware that the Equine Industry is a very difficult one to make a living off of, as one is usually lucky to break even. My dream is to own and manage my own boarding/lesson facility. However, I am concerned about finances. I know that I would not be happy doing anything else and leaving horses as a "hobby". Would it be more profitable if I became certified in Equine Massage?
Any ideas and experience you can provide is welcomed and very much appreciated!
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I completely understand where you are coming from. Last year I graduated high school and knew I wanted to work with horses, but I didn't know what college degree to get to help me do my best in the horse world. I knew I wanted to become a therapeutic horseback riding instructor and I would love to work in that industry, but again I didn't know how to tie it altogether.

I actually ended up taking a year off of school. I didn't have the money to spend just to attend college and wing it from there and I am soooo glad I took a year off. I had time and wasn't rushing I ended up finding Texas Tech who has a Animal Science Business degree and if I ended with that a my major I can become a certified therapeutic riding instructor.

The degree may not just be horse related, but I think that helps in the long run. I know the horse world is hard to survive in, but with this degree it won't limit me to just horses, but it gives me an option to know how to deal with cattle, swine, and other things. I have talked with many people who have this degree and some people have just used it as a pre-vet corse, and some have gone into the cattle and horse world with it.

My advice it just take your time and save your money. I hated taking a year off from college, but having a year to think and work everything out I have saved both money and time with doing it. Taking time off isn't for everyone, but just know what you want to do and how it will help you in life instead of just doing what you want to do and then figuring out how it will help in life.

Best of luck!
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