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In need of some help.

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Hey everyone!
Wow, I havent posted on here in a while. Well, I was hoping for some critque/help. I think my main problem is that I sit down too early (which is greatly seen in the first jump). I'm just not sure how to correct this problem.

We did a lot of jumping today, but I only had time to throw this short video together. It was my first time doing 2'6 with him since November because we have been working super hard on our flatwork. So we are rusty and I'm trying to get our distances better, but he didn't rush at all today. Which has been our HUGE problem since I've gotten him. So needless to say I'm quite thrilled with him right now. But enough rambling, help me please!

*also I will be using my actual jumping saddle soon, my leathers are to short so I'm currently getting new ones*

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You're pivoting on your knees and your leg is slipping back over the jump. Your leg swings quite a bit at the canter as well. May want to work without stirrups and practice your 2point on the flat to strengthen those legs.
Thanks for the critique. My legs have gotten better over the jump actually since the first time I started jumping him, but my legs rarely move on the flat. It may have been the angle, or me just not focusing enough on everything. I do however pinch with my knees over jumps, I've been trying to correct that problem.
Thanks for your opinion though!
Any thoughts on how to correct my sitting down to early?
I used to sit too early too. I started saying out loud over the fence, "and land" so I remember to stay up that one extra beat and absorb the landing motion in my knees and heels. I think it's just one of those things you have to do consciously until it becomes second nature.
keep in mind too, that if you jump ahead or throw your body forward on take off, you will land earlier in the tack.
Alright, that's a good idea MyBoyPuck. Thanks!
And gypsygirl, are you trying to say i;m jumping ahead or throwing my body over the fence? I'm confused.
^^ i have no idea if you are, your video lets me watch one stride then it freezes !
Oh thats weird! Its on youtube.
i think its my computer... =/
I had the same exact problem with the landing too early. My instructor made me enter and leave the fence in the two-point position. This way the horse landing would help me sit back and I would understand the timing of his body with the jump. If that makes sense.
Remember to keep your shoulders back and heels down over the jump. :)
Great ride though!
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