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Initial thoughts on stallion ( I do not own him)

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Just want to know what your guys initial thoughts were on this stallion. He is a Paint/TB/Oldenburg Cross. His mother was the Paint/TB and Father Oldenburg by Art Deco. He is 6 years old. Photo from
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The reason I'm asking you guys is to prove to my dad that this is not a great stallion, he found this guy online and thought this would be a good one to breed with since he is close and AWS registered. I said no way right off the bat, but he was insistent
A perfect example of what I was saying on the other warmblood thread.

First it doesn't say he is AWS registered.

And even if he is he is NOT APPROVED !!!!!!!!!!!!:evil:

Another breeder that thinks (if he is indeed registered) that, that is good enough and for sure there is some fool out there that will breed to him. I am not a fan of Art Deco as he does not/did not breed true and many offspring had temperment problems.

I checked the AWS listing to verify and he is NOT APPROVED.:evil:
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