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~ Interschools...which mare to take?

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I'm kind of stuck....I don't know which mare I should take to the next two interschools competitions. My two choices are Night Heat and Damper...

Here's a quick summary of both of them....

Night Heat is 16.3hh, and about 16 years old. She started jumping last year, and has great potential. The only thing is to try and keep her calm over the courses and get her to jump HIGH instead of LONG. She can jump a course of 80cm easily. But now the show last year she hurt her back on a stone, so she couldn't jump then. Last week Saterday was the first qualifier of the interschools, but I couldn't take her because she got an abscess on her leg.... :sad:

That is where Damper comes in. At first my riding instructer was going to let me use his horse Silver Saber, but then she hurt herself as well. So my other riding instructer let me use her horse Damper for the first qualifier. Damper is 14.2hh, and about 13 years old. She has been jumping for quite a while, and can easily jump a course of 1 metre.

If I take Damper to the next two qualifiers, she has much more chance of getting me a clear round in the competitions. But if I take Night Heat, she would give me faster rounds than Damper because she has a naturally long stride, but because she can get a little excited she tends to knock.

I don't know which mare I should take. I have been riding Night Heat for about a year now, but Damper I have only ridden her five times, as well as when I took her to the first qualifier on Saterday.

Before Night Heat got hurt, I already registered her for this years interschools, but the first qualifier on Saterday I had to jump Damper under Night Heats name. (now as a little joke around the barn, everyone is calling Damper "Night Heat" :lol:)

I would like to hear your opinion on this matter, and who you think I should take to the next two qualifiers for this year. :???:

Below are photo's of the two mares jumping. The first one is Night Heat jumping 60cm, and the second one is Damper jumping 70cm.


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Ay my buddy... Lol fellow Child of Corn... If I were you I'd take Damper - oh um, I mean "Night Heat" :lol: :mr green: - cause you KNOW she jumps, its just a matter of taking her in straight. And she's alot calmer then Racecar, while still having that forwardness. And it's like Sammy said to me once, if you take Night Heat to May's show, the judges may notice, and give you crap...
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