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Into the Future

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Talking to our bank (to get ideas for the future) we can actually get a decent mortgage (up to $165,000) without out breaking our backs to pay it each month. Ok that's fine we weren't looking to go that high but it gives us an idea.

The two of us have always wanted a smallish farm, me I love fresh eggs and miss the ones my step uncle would give us so I've wanted chickens. My fiancé wants a pot belly pig. If we aren't boarding I'd look at getting a pair of horses for the sake of companionship. I have talked to my sister about average cost of keeping a horse on property as that's what she once did. Something I'd be willing and able to do.

My only questions for you guys are:
~ Bare minimum of acres for a pair of horses?
- this way I know where our minimum is
- yes I know this may differ but just ideas

~ what type of fencing is lowest maintenance but best at keeping a horse safely contained?
- I've heard wood fencing can be pretty high maintenance which is why I'm asking
- again I know this is preference
- I've heard electric tape fencing is good but what voltage would even be best?

This won't happen for a few years yet, I'm not willing to break the lease which is a few years. Plus I'd like to put away money for the move down, first expenses (utilities and food) etc. I just want to get the ideas down to research. Which is another thing we are doing. We've got A half a page full of prospective places we'd like to go but aren't going to truly narrow down til the time to find a home is closer. I just like to research and since we want to bring animals onto the little farm I need to research that as well.
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I think 10 acres is a good minimum for you. Like @walkinthewalk said, you can get by with less but then you are going to make up for it in hay and pasture management. We had 3 horses on 10 acres (not all pasture but I can't remember how much was under fence) at our last place and even with that we had to be careful with the pastures. Now he have 5 horses on a 23 acre pasture and they can be on it year round without it needing rested. Needless to say the 2 in the 13 acre pasture don't even make a dent in it but those are the actual sizes of their pastures and does not include the corrals around the barn that they also have access to.
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