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is my new mare sensitive to touch?...

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I just got my mare this last weekend. She is 12 yrs old, competed in reining/western pleasure... really well broke.

I'm not sure if its just because she doesnt trust me yet or something.. but when we go to pet her side or her neck, or if we brush her body, she either backs up, or turns her body away from us.
Is that just being nervous, or is she really sensitive?

She only does it sometimes though.. sometimes she stands still and lets us brush her, hug her all over.

Also, she is very very well trained, and is sensitive to aids/cues.. maybe by brushing, she thinks we are putting pressure and asking her to move?

to get her to back up, all we do is lightly push her chest, and she backs up really fast.

If its sensitivity, what should I do to get her to stand still?
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her head is almost always raised.. cause she is always curious and looking at other things..
but she is still calm, doesnt seem like she is scared at all.
Also, what I'ved noticed when I walk her in the arena, she always has both ears back, except when she sees something in the distance
okay thanks for the advice.. that is probably what it is, she is really sensitive to aids, and is very well trained in reining, so I think she is responding to my touch as an aid for her to move.

Also, I think she likes to sniff you when you touch her body, b/c sometimes if you touch her neck, she backs up until her nose is touching your fingers, and she rubs your hand with her nose.

I will see how she is as we get to know each other better, maybe she wont do it anymore :)

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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