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Is there a difference between "the rein back" and backing up a horse under saddle?

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I've been reading some German books lately (not in German LOL) and they talk a lot about "the rein back". They don't think you should introduce it until later in a horse's training. Does anyone know if this is different than just asking a horse to back up under saddle? I don't see why you wouldn't teach a horse to back up under saddle pretty early on.
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I've always called moving backwards when I'm on the ground 'backing-up; but moving backwards when I'm in the saddle as a rein-back.

Anyway, I'd say that it should be introduced early on but used in a different way depending on the level of schooling.

All horses should understand a rein-back. I use it for movements such as working around gates or moving out of the way of obstacles.

If the horse is further on in their schooling I'd use it for collection, to lighten the front and engage the rear in all disciplines and as part of a dressage test.
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