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is this tacky/odd?

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So I have to get a very fancy leather halter for the show team I am joining this year, and it looks like the ones I can find come with free engraving. All my friends get leather halters with their horse's names attached, but I won't be owning the horse I am riding, leasing at best, and I might even switch horses a few times throughout the season. Would it be tacky to get my own name engraved on the halter, just as kind of like "its mine, don't accidentally take it" haha. Because I'd just get nervous it'd get mixed up and plus the name plates are fancy haha.

But would that be tacky or weird?
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The name plate is for the horse. Putting your own name on it would be odd.

If you want to put your name on it so everyone knows it's yours, put it on the inside leather somewhere. Burned or stamped. That way, it won't show.
^ good idea that was practically what i was going to say :)
I agree.
If you really wanted to put it on the outside, I'd get initials..but I'd say put your name inside, and just have some design instead.
I agree, but I think it would be cute to put a little saying on it perhaps? like "Peace" "Love" etc.. my mind cant think of much right now.
something to encourage you for the competitions. lol.
I don't think it would be weird at all. Before I always got my tack mixed up and even stolen or "accidentally" taken. On my really nice things I'm worried about I have my name on. On my nice leather show halter one side says "Gunther" and the other side it says my name "Rachael". And all the other things like my saddle, I have my initials.

And on top of that usually people don't stop and take the time to read the name plate, so from far away they would have no idea it's your name.
Your initials would look very nice on the outside. Maybe engraved on a nice brass plate or burned into the leather.
I would opt for a small symbol. It would be odd to have another horse's name on a different horse or your own name on a horse. Choose a symbol that you will recognize, such as a swirl, a heart, a star etc. If you're only riding one breed, you can use the breed symbol.
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