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ISO Used Higher-End Jumping/CC Saddles

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Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a used higher-end jumping/cc saddle.
I'm looking for a 17 inch MW or Wide tree.
My budget is 1k shipped to FL.

Some brands that I'm looking at are Antares, Pessoa, etc.

The saddle can have cosmetic damages BUT it cannot have any soundness to the tree.

If you know of any or are selling one, please reach out!
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You are limiting yourself with your budget....
High-end, quality saddles are not just being given away....they are worth money.
I found you a few here... whether the manufacturer, look and exact style can work for you is your decision.

There is a Facebook group "quality jumping saddles for sale" many are listed, several from Florida.... again the $ you have to spend is going to be the issue finding what you want.

In Florida is...

I had found several sellers who had many saddles, they are businesses in actuality in the West Palm Beach area and think it was east coast around Melbourne looking on Craigslist in the Farm & Garden section using a search box inquiry.
I would also suggest you just start calling tack shops and see what they have as trades or on consignment and get your name put on a list if anything promising comes through the store door.

Good luck with your search.

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Check out on FB "Sam's Saddles" - she keeps a very long stock list of consignment saddles in.

Aiken Saddle Exchange, The Saddle Bank, Pelham Saddlery are all consignment shops online that keep a very healthy stock list as well.

$1k is tight for a used high end saddle. I just sold my Trilogy for $1,000 and it was very well-worn. I've never seen another listed as low as I originally bought it for. If you are comfortable utilizing a payment plan, PayPal does a pay in 6, 12, or 24 depending on the cost of the saddle. It is financing so it does come with interest (unless you qualify for interest free financing, which I do not). It's an option to increase the flexibility of your budget a tad. I'm currently on a 12 month payment plan for a saddle, since I found zero saddles that fell in my price range and decided to prioritize a saddle over going to a few competition this summer.
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