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Joker’s Reno Sun, aka Joker is gone

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The vet was here more than two hours this morning. Joker was not coming out of the colic, in spite of all the meds. It was the right thing to do for the most gentle & loving horse I have ever owned.

Joker would have been 27 in August. He came to live with me when he was eleven. Anyone who has been on this forum for awhile, knows Joker lived with more health issues and three horses should have to.

Joker got to spend his last two weeks in the big pasture with Rusty. He was happy. He was feeling good - too good and too good sometimes is not a good thing,

He is laid to rest on this farm, beside three of his buds.

Only Rusty remains - Rusty has now seen four of his friends go on to their ancestors. He is very quiet. I have not kept him isolated. He has to know Joker is not coming back.

My dogs are upset, especially the Rottweiler as she loved Joker. The neighbor’s little is dog has come over to mourn with us. Their big dogs were at the fence - watching quietly.

Anyone who thinks species don’t recognize loss in other species, is not thinking.

God Speed Joker. Your hurts have healed. Today you shall run.
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"Joker is gone" what a jolt to see those words, I knew right away who was posting this and felt just awful for you.
You have cared for your horses, and all your animals so well over the years. Joker could not have had a better home than he did with you.
I can't think of many people, and these are people who really love their horses who would have been so diligent and consistent with the care and love that you poured upon Joker, making his life as happy and comfortable as it was possible to be.
I enjoyed reading all your posts about your horses and feel that I knew them well.
All my sympathy goes out to you and I wish for happier days ahead for you.
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Great news Walk a win win win situation for everybody
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I think we are ALL anxiously awaiting Duncan's arrival
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