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Jynxy's Gone Pro! [pics&vids]

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Muahahaha, seriously, her intelligence never ceases to amaze me. We worked more on tricks today, and her laying down was going brilliantly. And, out of nowhere, she started sitting up for me today! Haha, she's so adorable! AND - by the end, I actually got her to lay down once with JUST A CUE! :D I was so dang proud of her!

Jynxy sitting up!

LAYING DOWN ON COMMAND! Haha, she only did it once, but we're getting there! She's so dang smart!
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How did you teach her to lie down? I have a gelding I'm trying to teach to bow but he doesn't get the whole sit back on your haunches thing. He just face plants to the ground between his knees and about somersaults over. Funny to watch...not exactly what I wanted. Haha. I would love to teach him to lie down and sit too. Teach me your tricks wise one!
Haha, well, Jynx is definately very "trainable". I've had zero problems training her which is nice - I briefly attempted to teach my Arab mare to bow and she's so un-food orientated that the process would have taken a year, I swear. She'd rather just stand around and look at me funny :lol:

Here's a couple vids of how I essentially got her to bow and then the first time I laid her down. She picked up the bowing repeating what you see over a couple days.

The first time she laid down, it took me about 10 minutes. In that process, we took a lot of breaks - anytime she did remotely what I wanted, I'd praise and treat her. I made sure I never got her worked up or nervous, and re-grouped a lot so I wasn't frustrating her by letting her think she didn't understand.
She even laid down away from you !! Very nice!
Haha my horse bends his legs funny, stands on his toes and puts his forehead flat to the floor every time. It's ridiculous and he makes it so much harder on himself, I will try the lead rope around the leg to get him to bow, maybe that would help haha. And I am definitely gonna try to lay him down. Thanks for the vids!
She even laid down away from you !! Very nice!
Ironically, every time she lays down with her back to me, she rolls and makes me have to jump out of the way. Any idea why she does this? It's like she's not happy if she can't see me. She got a few good thumps on the back today for trying to roll me over, she seemed to learn to stay put though, haha.
I think she wants to itch her back and you're out of the way.
Oh, Macabre, how I love your darling little girl! She certainly is cute, and you got her to respond to a cue! That's great! How did you manage to get your point across that she has to wait for you to ask the question before she gives you the answer?

She has a spot on the top of her butt that looks almost perfectly centered. Is that an actual marking or a bit of dirt? I just love her, if I could afford a third horse, I'd make the trip up to you and steal her. =D
Haha, I'm so brilliant :lol: I started asking for it BEFORE I picked her foot up! Aren't I clever? As soon as you ask for it, she starts moving in a circle around me, so then when she lifts that foot, I automatically lift it up on her and then she almost instantly goes down. The last time I did it, I only had to "jiggle" the leadrope around her foreleg and she went down so I went waaaay out on a limb and tried it with no ropes, and presto!

Nope, it's a spot! I know, it's so dang cute, it almost makes up for her having a grouchy looking old man on her flank!
OooOo, yay! You are brilliant! =D
i have been trying to train my new horse to, ironically it has been easier to train him to do this than to walk over a ground. Right now hes very good about holding his front foot up, moving his back feet back and putting his head down well between his legs but he doesn't seem to want to let the held leg touch the ground. Any suggestions?
I'd say just keep asking your horse to go a little further...Moki's been working with Jynx on bowing for MONTHS now and just now is it all coming together so perfectly. She took it little by little and praised ALL the small things...even if she touched the ground and jumped back up, she still touched the ground. Be patient and consistant and it should all work out. So long as you're doing the same thing every time and getting a little bit of progress, I'd say keep doing what you're doing.
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