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Khanner & Fairy!

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They are heres!
I had about 70 million problems with getting them here, trailer flat, trailer lights not working, worming not done, ect.
We un-loaded them easy, I was amazed. Fairy came out first, her new-ish second hand store halter was applied, Khanner backed out of the trailer he threw up a fit, he was a very load little man.

So Khanner & Fairy have just seen each other for the first time, they are best friend, Fairy is the top horse in the pack, thats obvious.
I sowed Khanner & Fairy to their stalls, to the water buckets, along the fence line, all went well. We let them go hoping to see some 'action'... nope none. The best I have see outa those two was a trot when they met my dog for the first time.

Juster was terrified of them, fine with me. Khanner freaks out at my cats, & Fairy could care less about anyone.

Khanner's cuts look better, worming him tonight. Fairy was wormed two days ago, she is going to fatten up nice.
Tonight will be the first time I think at least a year the Fairy & Khanner have had grain...

Wish me luck, I will try to post some pictures soon!
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