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@My Salty Pony, I know, that seems like a lot but looking on breeder's websites they are normally around $800- up to $3000 and even higher! 😱 Just depends on what you get and if it's registered or not.
This won't be just a farm pet, it will be kind of starting a little breeding business.
Then I would keep shopping. Apply the same thing to buying a breeding sow as you would to buying a breeding mare. Buy the best you can afford, look at the sow with a really critical eye and pick her apart. If you're going to breed, only breed the best to the best and be ready to cull (eat) anything that doesn't measure up. If what you're seeing is $800 low end and this sow is $600 and even given that you'd be getting a 'friends and family discount' she's still at the very low end, that would indicate she's probably and 'eater' not a 'keeper'.
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