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Lacey is adorable, just so y'all know *kinda brag*

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Yesterday, my friend and I took our horses for another ride in the big park near the farm and it was AMAZING. That park is so huge that we just set off in a completely different direction than we did before and never saw anyone (except near the river and the trail head), even though there were tons of cars in the parking lot.

I was a little concerned about Lacey because she's in the midst of a RAGING heat, which makes her more excited about stuff and quite a bit more "up"... So I was worried that we might die. :lol:

But no! We survived and she did really really well. She definitely enjoyed herself, she was doing her little power walk thing on the way out and walking slowly on the way back like she does at home when she's excited about "adventuring" and not so thrilled about going home. She was a little more touchy and she kept peeing every time my friend's gelding got near her (what a flirt, haha), but it was just fine.

The best part was this little ditch thingy that she could easily step right over. She was super concerned about it (it was very muddy on either side and the mud had some oily looking water on it which I think made her worried) so she started doing her little turning around/backing up thing to get out of it. I tried smacking her with the popper end on my reins and she wasn't responding with going forward to that. So, somehow (still not sure what changed her mind), after backing up/turning around and coming back in about 4 times (and starting to get completely worked up), she just changed her mind and completely calmly went right over it. I was totally expecting her to jump it too, but oh no, she walked over it like a princess. She cracks me up significantly.

And she actually went in the river this time! She wanted to go swimming, which is a TOTAL 180 from last time when she wouldn't get near the water. Heeheehee We did not go swimming however since it is the winter and the river was really high. She was bummed. :lol:

I took pictures again but they mostly came out blurry because of the speed walking. Bummer, I know. But it was cloudy and gross looking still so you all didn't miss much. Heehee

But yeah, I'm a fan of my poneh, for sure.

Lacey's Life Rule #346: Dogs are fine, not scary at all. Unless they're jumping around, of course, then they are dangerous beasts that should be avoided at all costs.
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I'm glad y'all had a great time. Lacey wasn't worried about the ditch, she was just keeping things exciting for you :lol:
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