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I haven't been on here in quite awhile! Figured I'd update you all on my riding. ^-^

These pictures were taken on Febraury 13th.

Hope you all enjoy! :]

*Sorry they are a bit blurry. I forgot to adjust my cameras settings for my mother before hopping on. x]

Halter Horse Bridle Horse tack Snout

Horse Stable Dressage Jumping Building

Horse Dressage English riding Jumping Animal sports

English riding Horse Dressage Bridle Animal sports

Horse Show jumping Jumping Dressage English riding

Horse Bridle Rein Halter Equitation

Horse Bridle Horse supplies Rein Equitation

Horse Bridle Rein Horse supplies Halter

Horse Bridle Halter Animal sports Dressage

Horse Halter Bridle Mammal Rein

Thank you all for looking!:)
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