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Lets talk hoof boots

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So my farrier and vet are on board to let my mare have a go of being barefoot. Shes got navicular with very contracted heels. Shes occasionally sore, but Ive only needed to bute her 3-4x over the winter thus far. We're going to take her shoes off once its warn enough for the ground to stop being so darn hard.

I was going to try sole gaurd, in conjunction with boots. (I love vettecs other products.) She will be in the boots for about 12 hours a day, and will be out 24/7. The stalls/shelter will be soft enough for her to get some relief. She usually avoids the mud, except when shes rolling in it.

I also want to get a boot that I can put pads in, for extra relief if need be. My farrier is willing to measure my mare and help me fit her for the boots. I just need to pick what I want and order them. We're going to get some boots, before she goes barefoot and try them on when shes getting reshod early march.

I'm leaning towards easy boot. They seem like a good first choice, if she grows wider they're not like $200 a pair to have to keep replacing. I like the Rx one, they look like they'll protect from debris, but it seems like it may rub. I wont be riding for a while so I dont need to worry about going over rough terrain or galloping in the boots. Ive never put on or used boots before.

Any suggestions or advice?
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I put Easyboot Edge for turn out (when Jemma cut the frog badly last month). On 2nd day she ripped off the boot completely (now have to buy something again :( ). I'm not positive 12 hours in boots is a good idea. One of the reason is it may get wet inside, which is not healthy IMO.
When you leave them on for lengthy periods you may need to put gold bond powder inside.. Normally that would be for 24 hour use. Even then they need to be off for maybe an hour to let everything dry out somewhat.

I am not sure which boot would be best for your needs.. Most boots will have room for extra padding. Since your horse has contracted heels the first pair won't fit forever. Hopefully anyway.. The plan would be to get the heels to decontract and to rebuild the strength in the digital cushion to support and strengthen the heels. Often horses diagnosed with Navicular will be sound once the heels are fixed up. Go to the easy care site and study the different boots they have available. This should help you decide which is best.
Thanks for yuor reply.

If I call the customer support do you think they could help me choose?
Does anyone know if you can safely trim the back down on the easyboot edge? My horse has the high/low sydrom and the higher heel fits the edge fine but the low heel gets sore. I thought that maybe if I trimmed the inside off the back it would give it more room for his heel, but I do not want to ruin the boot if it won't work. Has anyone done this before?
I haven't trimmed the ones I have but I do know they recommend doing so if they are rubbing.
I had a mare that could not be shod because for some reason she would abscess in every foot, every matter who the farrier was (go figure). I used easy boots on her back when there was one kind (in the early 90's cough cough). I really loved them. If I left them on I would put silicon gel (my farrier gave it to me it was the same stuff he put under the pads of padded horses) and she would pretty much be fine for about 24 hours or so.

I would recommend if you have them on for long periods of time that you be sure to use a thrush remedy with them, even if your horse does not have thrush just to prevent it. The easy boots create the perfect growing environment for it. I my self just put bleach in a spray bottle and gave each foot a couple of sprays before putting the boot on.
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