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Looking at english saddles

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I was talking to my trainer today about buying a saddle. I mentioned Wintec since it is within my budget. Her suggestion was to actually buy a used leather as wintec is synthetic. In order to hit my budget I would have to buy and older wnglish saddle with real leather. Is there really a huge difference in leather vs. Synthetic?
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@Acadianartist ...please continue that vegan thing a second more...
So vegans don't use leather products either?
Forget the saddle thing..but leather shoes does she wear?
What does she ride in since quality boots are leather not man-made as are regular shoes, dress shoes, leather coats and handbags?
I can and do use certain items "synthetic'...but riding boots?
What does she do??

@Dooda4ever ...
Hands down if you have the possibility of leather saddle used in good or better condition go for it.
The quality of the products do not compare...
A older leather saddle already used might last you another 10 - 15 years with care...
A synthetic...with same kind of daily use no where near and it will look beat..they just do.
Your leather saddle will take a lot more use and indeed abuse than any synthetic will.
Older leather saddles are made from better hide than new saddles, have older now retired craftsmanship in them and often the products not seen like the tree is made nicer and with better quality parts than saddles today they have cheaped down to make more profit...
Nope to Wintec, they not fit well many horses forget human honestly is what I've found personally.
Look for used in brands you recognize and sit in it since different models fit you differently is true...ride in it if possible and make notes if you have several to try at one does get hard to keep it straight when you sit in many, try many...
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It will be for jumper/hunter. I also ride often.
Then go leather....

Do you own your horse?

In all honesty, saddles fit is a fussy thing for a horse and buying and thinking you will ride often in it on many horses might be a big disappointment for you.
If the saddle not fit the horse well, then for the horses sake and back soundness it should not be used.
Till you have your own horse, save your money so when you do get one you can purchase a quality saddle to ride that will fit that animal well and you too.
Right now, your instructor should be counseling you that not all saddles fit all horses ....and Wintec is known to be a not good fit for many.

Save your money. As you ride in different saddles you will also find what you like and what you not for when you do go saddle shopping in earnest and for your horse.
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I don't think Wintec is that bad. My mother purchased one many years ago, more than 20. It's a good little saddle, still around, still holding up.
I think the older Wintecs were made by a different company, again another bought out and changes made to manufacturing.
Same as so many leather English....companies were bought out and now part of a large conglomerate they cheat and the saddle show it soon enough.
New leather also is not the same quality as old....
It can't be when animals go to market younger, their hide is not as thick or good & healthy.
Makes for thinner strap goods, leather products everywhere....simply put old leather shoes lasted far longer than today's newly bought because the hide they were made from was better, older and stronger.
I looked...the pictures are decent but it is measured wrong.
That saddle is a 17" or 17.5" seat, adult size not a child's.

Yes, around here Craigslist, the Farm & Garden section have much horse equipment being offered...
And sometimes horses.... Read carefully, look even more carefully and when its to good to be true...often there is a reason.
Never get on a horse the seller will not first mount and demonstrate....beware. There are few reasons a mature horse can not be shown astride...
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