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We are looking for a high-energy, active equestrian who is passionate and knowledgeable about horses and equine nutrition. This person is actively involved in the equine world in the NW. This position will include demos at our dealers events, i.e. a customer appreciation day, equine sale day, store sales, etc. and at local equine events. Majority of events are along the I5 corridor so the candidate must live between Albany, OR and Vancouver, WA.

Job Type: Part-time (mostly weekends)
Hourly Pay

Key Responsibilities:
· You will be representing Horse Guard products in feed stores and at local equine events
· Product demonstrations are typically 5-8 hours long, not including setup and cleanup
· Actively engage and educate store employees and customers with product and nutrition information as well as handing out promotion material and coupons
· Work closely with sales representative to help achieve measurable sales goals
· Demonstration times will vary - day, evening, but mostly on weekends
· Scheduling: HG should be able to give 1-2 months advance notice for event dates.
· Work Locations: Throughout the NW, mainly along the I-5 corridor. The employee would use their own vehicle to get to the location.

Go to our website and get comfortable with our company. We want to make sure our company culture fits with you as well as you fit with us!

Please let me know if you are interested in the position. If so fill out the questions below and submit a resume.


Your work with Horses
Years working/around horses:
Discipline worked:
How important do you think nutrition is to a horse, as an athlete and companion?

Name 3 of your best qualities:

Education Level:

Your current location:

This job will require most weekend work, on average what percentage of weekends will you have open each month?

Have you fed Horse Guard products? If so which products and what was your experience?
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