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Looking For a Horse For Lease

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I Am looking for a horse to lease but am having trouble finding one.I am 15 years old and turning 16 in august and have been riding since i was 13.

There are one a few requirements i NEED to have:
1. It needs to be an off farm lease ( i live in Columbia Mo and dont know how far my parents will travel to pick up a horse)
2. The horse needs to be older and calmer. I am an advanced beginner ( i can walk, trot, canter, and jump low crossrailsand have done a few in house shows)
3. the horse needs to be able to go english since i ride english

Other than that size, color, and breed dont really matter to me ( i would prefer a horse around 16 hands but ive ridden as small as 14.1 hands)
No Stallions please

If you can help me in any way i would be very grateful. thank you