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Hello everybody.

I don't know if you remember me, probably not. I am French and currently working as an assistant in a private school in Street, Somerset, UK (and living in Glastonbury). I applied to stay there for a second year and would like, afterwards, to get a qualification and stay in England (fallen in love with Somerset).

The thing is, I would loooooove to have my horse with me. So, even though I'm still waiting for my school to answer, I'm beginning my research.

I am looking for a nice livery yard where my horse would be turned out, if possible with other horses, every day during the whole year and where we could go hacking. I cannot afford a very expensive one, and I don't mind doing some of the "chores" myself like mucking out, I am also more than ready to help around. Good facilities would be a bonus but we are quite used to "minima facilities" and could do without them.

To sum up, our needs are:

*daily turn-out (ideally permanent turn-out) and contacts with other horses
*hacking tracks
*as much hay(lage) as possible
*reasonable price
*at least one area where I will be able to clean his feet so that no thrush can come back (we had an awful Xmas holiday fighting this sh*t) - I think this is quite common but hey you never know!
*near Glastonbury or Street, let's say 15-20 minutes by car (I've got my own car, no problem, except that here diesel is much more expensive than in France lol)

What would be appreciated:
*facilities such as arena, round-pen, wash area.
*Nice and friendly atmosphere (I can do without as long as my horse is happy)
*Affordable riding lessons would be the icing on the cake, but I'm dreaming there!

So I'd like to know if any of you can help me find some lovely place for my lovely horse, or maybe if you know a website where people put adds for livery yards. I've already found a list of 12 yards that could perhaps be good but none of them gives any price and most of them don't give any details. So I will call them one by one or go and see them but I thought that word-of-mouth will probably be very helpful...

Thank you very much!!
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