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Looking for makers mark on this saddle

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Trying to get some info on this old saddle...


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Subbing out of sheer curiosity.
I had wondered that myself, about it possibly being from the 50s or even the early 60s. That's the era of spaghetti westerns, Roy Rogers and Trigger, Rawhide, and western kitsch. Nudie Cohn was designing suits for the likes of Tex Williams and Elvis Presley (The gold lame' suit was a Nudie suit).

The motif of this saddle fits right in with that era.

Personally, I think its just really cool! If it were me, it would be used as a display saddle no matter the history.
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I was thinking of you and this thread this past weekend. I found a 1940s child's saddle on Craigslist for $50.00. It had some wear/scuffing on the right swell, but otherwise, in excellent condition. It didn't have the bronc rider theme, sadly. It was roses, but it was very similar in style to this one.

I never received a reply to my email. I can only assume they'd sold it shortly after posting the ad and just didn't reply or remove it from CL. :(
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